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■2016/09/29 医師のクリニカル英会話1

ECFMG USMLE Step 2 cs live exam (“Abnominal Pain”)
P: (Dr. knocks on door) Come in.
D: Jessica Anderson?
P: Yes.
D: Hi. Nice to meet you. I’m Dr. Smith. I’ll be the (1) ____________ doctor taking care of you today. What brought you in?
P: (2) ____________  pain.
D: Oh. I’m sorry to hear that. Well, let’s try and (3) ____________  out what’s going on with you today. When did the pain begin?
P: This morning.
D: And how (4) ____________  are you having pains?
P: Uhh. It’s a long, (5) ____________  pain.
D: Is the pain getting (6) ____________?
P: Yes.
D: How (7) ____________  has it been for you on a scale of 1 to 10?
P: Uh. 7 out of 10.
D: Okay. 10 being the worst? Where are you having the pain at?
P: The (8) ____________ right.
D: On the right side of your (9) ____________?
P: Yes.
D: And does the pain (10) ____________ anywhere?
P: No.
D: Please describe the (11) ____________  of the pain. Is it (12) ____________? Is it (13) ____________? Is it (14) ____________?
P: It’s cramping.
D: And is there anything that makes it (15) ____________  better?
P: Um. No.
D: Is there anything that makes it worse?
P: (16) ____________
D: Ok. So it’s affecting the quality of your life since it (17) ____________ the pain.
P: Yes.
D: Did you have pain on the ride over to the (18) ____________?
P: Yes.
D: I’m sorry to hear that, especially with the condition of the roads these days. (Was there) anything that led up to you having this pain? Anything that you can think of (19) ____________ before hand?
P: No.
D: Do you have any (20) ____________  or (21) ____________?
P: I felt a little hot this morning, but no chills.
D: And how about any (22) ____________  or vomiting associated with it?
P: I feel nauseous, and I (23) ____________ two hours ago.
D: What was it that you vomited? What did it look like?
P: It was (24) ____________, yellowish flued.
D: Did you notice any (25) ____________?
P: No.
D: Have you had some lose bowel movements?
P: Umm. This morning.
D: Did you? Okay. Was there any blood in your (26) ____________?
P: No.
D: Is there any burning during (27) ____________?
P: No.
D: When was your last (28) ____________?
P: Five weeks ago.
D: Are they usually so far apart?
P: Usually every for weeks.
D : Okay. Did you have any spotting associated with that? (Patient nodding yes.) What color was the spotting?
P: Brownish.
D: Do you have any vaginal (29) ____________?
P: No.
D: And how old were you when you started having your period?
P: About 13.
D: And how heavy is the (30) ____________ usually?
P: Uhh. (It) usually lasts about 7 days.
D: And how many pads in a day?
P: Usually about two or three.
D: Are you (31) ____________ active?
P: Yes.
D: Any (32) ____________?
P: Three years ago.
D: Where there any problems during the pregnancy or the (33) ____________?
P: No. And the baby’s healthy.
D: Have you ever had any (34) ____________  or abortions?
P: Nope.
D: Are you on any current (35) ____________?
P: Just ibuprofen.
D: Other than today and for your pregnancies, have you ever been hospitalized?
P: No.
D: Do you use (36) ____________?
P: I use oral contraceptives.
D: Does your partner use condoms?
P: No.
D: How many special partners have you had over the past year?
P: One that I met two months ago, and this past year, probably two or three partners.
D: Okay. Have you ever had any sexually transmitted (37) ____________ that you know of?
P: I had this one infection but I don’t know what it was called, but the doctor just gave me a short and some pills for it.
D: Was the partner the partner you’re with now?
P: No. That partner didn’t want to be treated.
D: Okay. And have you ever had an HIV test?
P: No
D: Any past surgical (38) ____________?
P: No
D: What is your (39) ____________?
P: Waitress
D: Do you (40) ____________  alcohol?
P: Yeah. Like two or three beers a week.
D: Any (41) ____________ drug use?
P: No.
D: Do you use tobacco products?
P: A pack a day for about six years.
D: How about any drug (42) ____________  that you know of?
P: None that I know of.


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