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「第15回 国際バイオテクノロジー展 2016」に出展決定!

■2016/04/19 「第15回 国際バイオテクノロジー展 2016」に出展決定!
2016年5月11日(水)から5月13日(金)までの3日間、東京ビッグサイトで開催される「国際バイオテクノロジー展 BIO tech 2015」にエースが出展することが決定しました。エースの革新的な医学英語コースを医療業界で活躍されている皆様にご紹介させていただく予定です。
会期:2016年5月11日(水)から5月13日(金) 10:00〜18:00(最終日のみ17:00終了)
所長                                                     竹内真生子
メディカルドクターコース監修者         ジェイソン コーエン
Biotech 2016 Blog       
Join us over three days from 5/11 (Wed.) to 5/13 (Fri.) as ACE debuts its innovative medical program to the health care/scientific community at Biotech 2016 at Tokyo Big Site.  Have you ever felt uneasy about presenting your scientific research and tackling the Q&A session in English at a conference, workshop, or poster presentation? Have you thought about interviewing with a principal investigator overseas to work at a research laboratory and publish your findings? Or, would you like to work in the clinical side after passing USMLEs for residency at a clinic/hospital in the U.S.?  Could you improve the quality of your English paper writing and grant proposals alongside a Native English physician or have your research paper edited for clarity?   
If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions, then we hope you will seize the opportunity to advance your health care career by learning to pronounce and speak in English with persuasiveness and authority at ACE’s medical program.  At Biotech, we will release the showing of our Medical Pronunciation Ebook publication, explain the scientific research behind pronunciation and language acquisition and, offer interested candidates the opportunity to experience a trial lesson or request services at our booth on the spot. 
We encourage you to access our URL at www.ace-pronunciation.com, to sign up online for a trial lesson time slot in advance as space is limited due to the high volume of attendees.  Alternatively, feel free to stop by our booth (3-57) to meet our team directly to assist you with your future goals and endeavors.
We anxiously await this event and look forward to meeting the attendees to debut our medical program.
Jason Cohen & Makiko Takeuchi  

エースネイティブ 発音・リスニング・スピーチ研修所
住所:東京都渋谷区西原3-36-11 B棟